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Sushi Class

A glimpse into the world of japanese cuisine

Look over the shoulder of our sushi masters

Sushi class

Our sushi masters provide you with an insight into the world of the Japanese culinary art. Traditionally, the evening is introduced with Sparkling Sake & Kombucha. After a short theoretical introduction to the history and tools of the Japanese cuisine, you will learn how to make Sushi, Sashimi & Nigiri. After having created your own appetizer, you will enjoy dinner complemented by a glass of wine or sake in the stylish atmosphere of the YUNICO.

Next Date

21. September

starts at 17:00 Uhr

Sushi Class


149,- Euro per person
includes cooking class, a glass of sparkling sake as a welcome drink, a four-course meal, beverages, recipe folder
(Minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 participants)

We also offer the sushi class for group events.

For further information and your reservation please contact us on 0228 - 4334 5500.