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You feel limp and tense and urgently need a break from everyday life? Then choose one of our massages. Located on the Rhenish lifeline, with breathtaking views over the Rhine. Learned hand grips your body during the massage in a soothing deep relaxation and you feel afterwards relaxed and full of energy. Just try it. We are looking forward to your visit.

Massage Highlights

Kameha Relax body massage

Enjoy a special full-body massage ensuring long-lasting deep relaxation. The continuous and flowing massage strokes with warm, fragrant oil help to release tension and blockages in the body. The Kameha Relax Massage soothes muscles, tendons and joints, thus helping to free the body from built up stress and tension.

20 minutes for 40,- Euro
40 minutes for 80,- Euro
60 minutes for 120,- Euro

Hot Stone Massage

Relax, give in and simply be while enjoying the pleasant feeling of warm basalt stones massaging your body. The Indian and Hawaiian shamans have long known about the therapeutic effects of basalt stones on the human body. Apart from tension easing massage techniques the warm stones on the body stimulate the energy flow within. Cooling marble stones applied briefly help you feel deeply relaxed.

80 minutes for 160,- Euro

Abhyanga-Ayurvedic Body Massage

This massage is deep relaxation. The use of warm sesame oil makes it one of the most effective and soothing of the Ayurvedic massage therapies. Various techniques are harmoniously integrated in the rhythmic and circling movements of the therapist’s hands, thus contributing to deep relaxation and vitalization of the body.

80 minutes for 160,- Euro

Ayurvedic Mukabhyanga Head- & Neck Massage

Let yourself be pampered with an ayurvedic Mukabhyanga Head- & Neck Massage. Waiting for you a soothing treatment followed by a relaxation guarantee.

20 minutes for 40,- Euro
40 minutes for 80,- Euro

Ayurvedic Padabhyanga Foot Massage

The gentle massage with the Ayurvedic Padabhyanga foot massage, releases even deep-seated tension and relieves stress. It makes your feet soft and supple and lets you run like a cloud.

20 minutes for 40,- Euro

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