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The Kameha cakes

'Excellent and hard to describe in cake!'

Our in-house patisserie at the Kameha Grand Bonn produces exclusive cakes that will take your breath away.
Now you can also enjoy them at home on special occasions - for example as a birthday cake!
Get to know our special cake creations: Grand Praliné, Red Velvet & Raspberry Cheesecake!
Convince yourself of the unique flavor compositions & order your cake directly online.

Order your cake now & then collect it from our reception!

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E-mail: fb.bonn@kamehagrand(dot)com


Grand Praliné

For 49€

The Grand Praliné - the elegant praline cake

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Red Velvet

For 39€

The Kameha Red Velvet Cake - the fluffy chocolate mousse cake

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Raspberry cheesecake

For 39€

The Kameha Grand Rasperry Cheesecake - the fruity and creamy NYC-style cake

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Banana bread 'Amande'

For 25€

Vegan banana bread as a cake

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Grand Macarons

from 3,00 €

The Kameha Grand Macarons - anyone can do normal, ours are simply Grand.

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Valentine's heart cake

For 22€

Pre-order now & pick up on February 14th.

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What is the Grand Praliné torte made of?

The Grand Praliné is a praline cake filled with a chocolate cream. In addition to the three high-quality couvertures Tulakalum, Ivoire and Amande from Valrhona, French wild cherries, nut nougat and roasted pecan kernels also find their place in this creamy delicacy.

The Grand Praliné has a diameter of 18 cm.

What is the Red Velvet Cake made of?

The Kameha Red Velvet Torte is a fluffy chocolate mousse cake made with exquisite Valrhona couvertures. The chocolate mousse is surrounded by a moist and velvety red velvet base. The final layer is a nougat crunch base.
The Kameha Red Velvet cake measures 16 x 16 cm.

What is raspberry cheesecake made of?

The Kameha Grand Raspberry Cheesecake is a NYC-style cheesecake with a classic cookie crumb base, refined with tonka bean & cinnamon bark. Creamy cream cheese rounded off with Madagascar vanilla & lemon. A topping of raspberry mirror & fresh raspberries, decorated with real gold leaf, coated in fine French crumble.
The Kameha Grand Rasperry Cheesecake has a diameter of 18 cm.

What is Banana Bread Amande made of?

The Banana Bread Amande is filled with almond chocolate cream, covered with fine Amande almond chocolate from Valrhona & roasted coconut flakes.

What Macaron flavors are available?

Vanilla & Tonka
Madagascar vanilla and tonka bean from Trinidad combined with fine white Opalys chocolate from Valrhona.

Double Chocolate
Symphony of dark & milk chocolate from Valrhona decorated with crunchy chocolate balls

Strawberry & Lime
Bright pink macarons filled with white chocolate cream flavored with lime & a core of strawberry puree. Decorated with fine Valrhona strawberry couverture & freeze-dried strawberry pieces.

1 piece = 3 €
9-pack = 24 €
Pack of 12 = 30 €

How can I order a Kameha Torte?

You are welcome to send us an e-mail to fb.bonn@kamehagrand(dot)com. Let us know which cake you would like to order and when you need it.

How long can a cake be transported unrefrigerated?

The Grand Praliné can be transported unrefrigerated for up to 4 - 6 hours.

Unfortunately, the Red Velvet cannot be kept unrefrigerated for longer periods.